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Dan Frost Healing
Reiki Master, Dan Frost, developed his Sixth Sense and opened the door to spiritual awakening and enlightenment.  He unravels the mysteries of life through the Gift of the Holy Spirit, Kundalini Reiki, Energetic Power Sessions, Past Life Energy Sessions, Ghostbusting and Intuitive Clairvoyant Readings.

Feng Shui & Reiki with Luanne Nadeau
Luanne Nadeau is a gifted Kundalini Reiki Master and Usui Reiki Master excelling in long distance healing and therapeutic touch.  As a Feng Shui consultant and spiritual medical intuitive, Luanne Nadeau's healing reiki and feng shui practice offers Kundalini Reiki workshops and meditation workshops. Schedule your Reiki treatment today!

Animal Reiki Divine with Camille Pukay
Camille Pukay lovingly opens her heart to channel healing energies for your pet. Schedule an appointment for a Reiki Healing for your Pet with Camille, Animal Reiki Practitioner and Animal communicator.

Heart and Soul Solutions with April Colon Pagan
April Colon Pagan of Heart and Soul Solutions offers a variety of healing modality services and workshops including DNA Theta Healing.  April will teach you how to implement Theta Healing into your life by accessing the DNA Theta brain wave.   You will also discover Angel Whispers for the Soul Guided Meditation CDs and healing experiences of DNA ThetaHealing.

Healing with Reiki Angels with Susan Beran
Susan Beran provides loving, gentle healing for human spirits as well as animal spirits using Life Force Energy of Reiki.  Susan provides intuitive readings through her spiritual team. Be sure to click into Reiki Healing Gift from the Universe to sign up for the monthly group sessions. 

Indigo Rhythms
Indigo Rhythms with Ellie Desilva explores her deep love and connection with animals through healing work with large animals such as elephants.

Rob Norgren Authentic Shaman Healer
Rob's spiritual journey of shamanic healing of the shamanic arts qualifies him to balance chakras with Dragon's Breath, perform soul retrieval, spirit extraction, energy clearing and DNA Reconnection.  He is also a transformational healing facilitator.

Herbal Soup for Health with Denise Burrows
Master Herbalist, Denise Burrows, offers alternative herbal medicine: Nature's Sunshine herbal supplements and essential oilsNSP: Silver Shield, Distress Remedy, Nature's Three, Nature's Fresh, Slippery Elm, Food Enzymes and Nutri Calm are among the most popular products.

InnerLight with  Andrea Gruszecki, Ph.D.
Andrea Gruszecki, Doctor of Naturopathy, specializes in Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR ), to resolve trauma and promote mind body healing to become a balanced human being. With the mind, body and spirit healed we may then live in the present moment from a source of harmony and healing.

Peace of One with Kim Gough
Click into Peace of One to discover the healing expertise of Kim Gough with Abundance Reiki, Tachyon Energy, distance healing chi balls, remote healing for humans and remote healings for pets, plants and small gardens!  You'll also discover attunements and classes such as Abundance, Abundantia, Diana Archetype, and Gold Reiki as well as mandalas, products, and articles about Fairies, pendulums, crystals, the chakras, forgiveness and gemstones

Spirit Paws with Sherry B. True
Sherry B True's Love from the Rainbow Bridge guided meditation CD provides comfort in tandem with her Pet Loss Support Kit and Grief Counseling. She lovingly shares her gift of animal communication by offering Healthy Pet Consultations,  Animal Blessings, Companion Meditation, Energy Work and Totem Animals.  With three questions to Sherry you may discover what your pet is thinking - don't wait, find out today!

Mizaan Holistic House with Tanya Estrazulas-Gullick
Mizaan Holistic House believes stress to be the most common disease of our time. Alternative healing therapies such as AcupunctureDNA ThetaHealing, Endocrine System Reset, Hypnotherapy, Massage, Rebirthing, and Reiki are offered to balance all areas of our being. You may also receive an Akashic Record or Tarot Reading to gain insight and guidance.
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Touching Body N Soul with Ellany
Ellany has the ability to heal the body 'n' soul through a myriad of hands on services.  Contact Ellany to discern if hands on healing with her is for your highest good.

Light Healing Hands with Colleen Shaw Spiritual Energetic Healer
Register today for a Kundalini Reiki, Karuna Reiki or Reiki Master class with Colleen Shaw.  As a deaf  Reiki healer, Colleen's spiritual energetic healings light the way for all who join her.  Learn the facts about Reiki and experience Reiki Share.  Schedule an Energy Healing Treatment or a Kundalini Reiki Energy Treatment today!


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